Climate change a rising” band wagon” in educated class


                     Climate change is the most common ideology among the public who consider themselves to be fully aware of the concept and think it is their prime duty to discuss it among others without realizing the true essence of the meaning. It is good to think about the rising issues about your area, society and global patterns but it is far more dangerous to misguide the general public about such ideas. The common concern among the environmentalists, earth scientists, geographers and researchers is that the concept is not fully understood by the mass and only some aspects of this issue are highlighted in the public based on their self induced research. This class category consists of journalists, individuals, consultants,  departmental heads of various  governmental and private institutions working on climate change and its related ideology based on their own required targets. Various educational institutions are introducing these concepts in academic programs  keeping in view the rising trends of the market in such aspects. This attempt is appreciate able as far as good and quality research is encouraged and highlighted to global awareness and understanding of the critical climate change terminology.

                    The global communication network mainly internet is a power full source of spreading the concepts  to the public regardless of their nationalities, origin, color and location.  Many organizations are working with full devotion to bring these critical life concerned issues to the public and have full approach to the subject but their efforts are threatened by the short term approaches of some selfish organizations that are working to attain some benefits by making  false promotion of the actual picture to the public. Therefore it is point of concern for the related people who really care for this earth as their home land and think for the safeguard of the vulnerable people to existing and future disasters caused by variations in climate change at global level. 


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